"To love is to recognize yourself in another."

Eckhart Tolle


Olívia Magalhães

Organized. Perfeccionist. Pragmatic. Demanding.

These are some of the adjectives that characterize me and that I always demand from my team, in the preparation of any wedding. Be it an Elopement Wedding, a mini wedding or a wedding with 200 guests, the degree of satisfaction of the bride and groom must always be 100% and free from any type of stress.

The end result of our work, as a wedding planner in Portugal, will always be a unique and unforgettable experience.


How we work

Our wedding planning service starts with a meeting with the main wedding planner fromAbout Events so that you can expose your vision and expectations for your Portugal wedding.

Then, theAbout Events team will do an exhaustive search to find the perfect venue for your wedding.
Once this issue is solved, as it is a key piece, the planning and styling of the event will begin to be developed together, until the concept of your wedding is a reflection of what you expect for your big day.

Details such as the choice of bouquet, shoes and wedding dress are essential and will always have a prominent role and due monitoring.

On the wedding day, your wedding planner will always be present, to manage all the suppliers involved and ensure that everything that has been planned is strictly carried out.