The ideal place for your Destination Wedding in Portugal

With 260 days of sunshine, castles, palaces, a rich gastronomy and wines worthy of Bacco, Portugal is the ideal place for your wedding.

Our experience and strict quality criteria, will provide you with fantastic places and a unique experience in Portugal.

An outdoor wedding, a wedding on a plain in the Alentejo, a wedding in a palace in the middle of Lisbon or a wedding on a paradisiacal beach in the Algarve, everything is possible. The choice will be yours!

Getting married in a palace with a sea view or in a Douro winery are just a few examples of places that Portugal has to offer for its Destination Wedding.

Getting married in Cascais

Cascais is a Portuguese village, close to the capital – Lisbon – and is considered by many to be the Portuguese Riviera. With a great coastline and typical streets of an old fishing village, it is full of palaces, manor houses and castles, some even with a sea view.
Cascais also offers several options for hotels, beautiful beaches and contemporary restaurants. It is undoubtedly the perfect area for sophisticated couples who are planning a Destination Wedding in Portugal.

Distance from Lisbon airport – 20 minutes

Our team of wedding planners will help you decide on the perfect place for your wedding in Portugal.

Getting married in Sintra

Sintra is a Portuguese village, close to Lisbon, where time has stopped and magic happens. Hidden in the mountains, in a true green environment, we will find houses and palaces worthy of a true fairy tale. The difficulty will be to choose one of the places where it is possible to hold your wedding, as they are all perfect.
The center of the small village, with picturesque streets, is a real discovery of craft shops and places that your guests will be able to visit during the days that they will be staying in Portugal.
Sintra is the ideal place for romantic sophisticated brides and grooms, who want a unique Destination Wedding in Portugal.

Distance from Lisbon airport – 30 minutes

Our wedding consulting team can help you welcome all your guests as true hosts. We can arrange transport from the airport to the hotel, which will be the best in the region.

Getting married in Lisbon

Lisbon is modern and cosmopolitan and at the same time typical and with picturesque alleys. It offers spaces for weddings overlooking the river, terraces overlooking the city, palaces, manor houses and everything you can imagine.
Being the capital, getting married in Lisbon can mean a true tour through Portuguese culture for your guests, always with the suggestions and tips from our consulting team.
We can also prepare some surprises, leaving a welcome bag at each guest’s hotel, which will be a true postcard of Portugal.

Distance from Lisbon airport to downtown – 5 minutes

Holding a wedding with the help of our team of wedding planners will be a guaranteed success for your Destination Wedding in Portugal.

Getting married in Douro

In the north of Portugal, we can find the Douro valley, an internationally recognized wine producing region. The landscape of terraced vineyards on the banks of Douro River, offers a unique setting for your wedding in Portugal.
In the Douro region, we can find manor houses, wineries or even a 5-star hotel in the middle of the valley.
When you get married in the Douro, you can provide your guests with an unforgettable vacation, river trips, wine tasting or dinners that will last in their memories forever.

Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport, Porto. Distance to Douro: about 1h30 by car

Alentejo is ideal for couples looking for more bucolic and peaceful landscapes. Distance from Lisbon airport – 1h20 minutes

Getting married in Alentejo

South of Lisbon we find Alentejo. Land of plains and whitewashed villages. Agriculture still has a predominant role and wine production occupies a prominent place.
Alentejo is the ideal place for couples who love more rural environments and in harmony with nature. Our team can prepare your wedding outdoors, where you can see the stars, or a boho chic wedding in an estate with plains as far as the eye can see.

Distance from Lisbon airport – 1h20m.

Getting married in Algarve is the right option for those who love the sea and the sun. Ideal for more relaxed weddings.

Getting married in Algarve

In the south of Portugal, we find Algarve, with its paradisiacal beaches with sand as far as the eye can see. With an intense blue sea, Algarve provides us with unique venues for a beach wedding in Portugal. It can be on a cliff or on a secret beach, the choice will be yours.
But Algarve doesn’t just offer us a beach. Our team can prepare your wedding in a real typical Portuguese village or in a private villa, if your wedding is more intimate. Contact us and share your expectations for your wedding in Portugal.

Faro Airport

Getting married in Porto

Oporto is located in the north of Portugal and is known worldwide for its Port wine. The riverside area, one of the icons of the city, can become a true oasis of knowledge for your guests.
The city of Oporto provides us with places for truly unique weddings. It can be in a palace by the river, in a winery or in a charming hotel in the city. The difficulty will be choosing.

Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport