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Full wedding planning

The full wedding planning service starts at the very beginning and ends only at the last minute of the party

Planning & Styling

As your wedding planners and stylists we will design and plan your wedding in Portugal, so that it is completely unique and exceeds all your expectations without any kind of stress.

Here are some of the details you will not have to worry about: looking for the perfect suppliers, looking for the ideal venue, confirming the legal requirements necessary for you to get married in Portugal, planning the reception ceremony and dinner, finding accommodation for the guests and / or other activities for the remaining days.

And above all, make sure that on your wedding day everything will go as planned.

The complete wedding planning service is the best option to guarantee stress-free planning and a wedding that exceeds all your expectations.
With Full wedding planning

What is included?

• Management of all process and development of your wedding vision
• Styling project for the entire wedding.
• Selection of the best venues, vendors and hotels for your wedding in Portugal
• Planning and managing your wedding budget
• Contract management and negotiation
• Contract management and negotiation
• Bureaucratic advice to start the marriage process, civil, catholic or other
• Creation of detailed schedules and timelines
• Management of suppliers logistics
• Presence of your Wedding Planner and assistant (whenever necessary) from the beginning of the event assembly until the last minute of the party.
• Online planning tools. See more details below

Wedding planning

The platform

Most of our customers belong to the millennial generation. They are always super busy people, who like to have everything very well organized. So we decide to developed an online management tool who allows to our clients to truly stay on top of their to-do list and stay organized throughout the all process. So in one place, our couples will have access to all the information regarding their wedding.

Unlike other online planning tools, our resources are curated by our experienced planning team and customized to our client’s individual needs and timeline. Destination Wedding em Portugal.

About Events The platform

The tools

Checklist and calendar

Our to-do lists are the result from years of experience and hundreds of weddings.
It is completely customizable to our client’s needs and it allows us to assign items to members of our planning team, as well as the ability to comment with updates or questions to maintain regular communication about our progress.

Each to-do is customized to fit your timeline, while payment reminders and appointments are easily added to make sure that nothing is forgotten.


Our online budget tool is extremely helpful in building and maintaining a clear perspective of our client’s overall target budget. Additionally, it keeps us on track with vendor payments–both those that have been made

and those which are still pending.


Our online guest tracking system keeps all of your RSVPs in one simple spot and makes assigning table numbers simple.

The layout tool also allows us to create a custom floor plan and seat guests in a layout view. Bottom line: it’s easy for you and ensures a seamless experience for your guests.


Almost every couple have thousands of photos and albums on pinterest. With our platform we managed to have everything organized and in the same place,

allowing our clients to see every detail.