My name is Olivia and I am Belief IWP NY Member. . With this blog i intend to speak to you a little about Portugal, this small country of Europe, but which has so many charms to show you.
With a biweekly frequency I will address topics that will surely be of your interest. I will always try to answer to all the brides’ questions. Or you will tell me that you never thought:
  • I would like to get married in Portugal but i dont know how to do it?
  • Can I have a church wedding in a country that is not my one ?
  • How can I know which one is the right venue for me?
  • Who will be the best photographer for what I want?
  • The marriage is valid in my country?
Do you identified yourself with any of this questions? Of course you do, it’s only natural because you never married. And we, as I say, married every weekend! Another question that I like to address is to tell beautiful love stories. But for that I will need your help. I invite you to send me your history and how all began. I think we would create here a very interesting empathy and a sharing of super-enriching life experiences. What do you think?

However the idea is not just be a storyteller so I like to know your opinions about the issues that you like to see addressed here, your doubts, your fears…anyway, everything that concerns you in this new phase of yours lives.
What do you tell me, can I count with you?
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