Venues decoration

Already selected the perfect venue to hold your event, that you passionately love, but you feel that something is missing ... With our team of decorators everything will be resolved quickly, because the experience and professionalism that we accumulate over the years, makes us qualified to respond to any challenge in the context of the venues decoration.

Our work is identical to that of an architect when building a house, as we are responsible for the creation, management and execution of it. Events decoration projects begin with the survey of the most relevant points, such as the location of the event, the number of guests, the profile of the hosts, and especially the image they intend to pass along with this event.

We listen to your ideas and give you suggestions that will help make your wedding decoration unique.

After this stage, we start, always together with the client, to select the colors, the flowers, the pieces, the fabrics, the textures ... And then comes the day of the event, the moment when everything happens ... About Events team will put into practice all the details that have been defined in the design and decoration project et voilá ... the show will begin. Please see some of our decorations here