Ana & Marco
Casa dos Penedos, Sintra
This story started in the narrow streets of the romantic village of Sintra and just like in a fairy tale, it takes place in a palace in the middle of the forest. This is one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Portugal, with a stunning view. To further highlight the beauty of this place, the entire wedding styling project turned into a true explosion of color. Starting with the stationary, passing through the scenery created for the ceremony and ending with the decoration of the dining table, everything exudes color, refinement and exuberance.
Wedding planning | About Events Portugal
Photography | Alex Tome
Styling & Floral Design | Save the date
Production and local support | First class Portugal
Wedding dress & hair accessory | Anah Hana – Vestidos de Noiva
Hair stylist | Blust
Stationary | Story 2 R’emember
Bridal shoes | Anna Walker
Brazilian sweets | Josiane Rocha
Chocolates | Maria Chocolate