Organization of Social Events

Specialists in the Organization of Social Events

Although About Events is mainly recognized by the organization of weddings and corporate events, we also dedicate ourselves to the organization of social events such as baptisms or anniversaries. With all the professionalism and affection that characterize us.


Moments that remain

We look at the organization of social events as the creation of moments that will remain forever in the memory of those who live them. After all, these moments are celebrations marked by emotion and the joy of sharing special dates with those who are close to us.

Because we want you to enjoy them to the fullest, we offer a series of services that will take the weight of logistics from your shoulders.

Do not let practical issues like decoration, catering, the photographer, and a whole host of other details that involve organizing an event take you the happy to experience it.

We only ask you to concentrate on living the emotions of the unrepeatable moments in full, so that you can create memories that will last forever.

Organization of Anniversaries

Celebrating another year of life is a privilege that must be celebrated by all. Therefore, we bet on the organization of anniversaries thought the profile of each birthday party, so that you can enjoy the most of your day with those you love the most.

From the most restricted dinner to the most celebrated party, About Events deals with all the logistics, from the choice of space, to the cleaning, to the decoration and the catering.

Organization of Baptisms

The baptism of a child is a moment of emotion and faith for the parents and the rest of the family. Therefore, the celebration should honor all the happiness and pride that surround the ceremony.

At About Events we specialize in the organization of baptisms that perpetuate this unique event in a child’s life.

If you are looking for a company that organizes social events that can fulfill your dreams, do not hesitate to contact us.