About us

Creativity met with the extensive know-how of the event market and About Events was born. We welcome you to this new project which aims to distinguish your event with boldness, originality, and good taste.

What do we do? We organize all types of events, from weddings to simple dinners at your business or residence. With our vast network of vendors, anything is possible. At About Events, we transform all of your ideas into a sweet reality.

Olívia Magalhães
Wedding Planner and Event Manager

Mobile: +351 91 402 84 33

E-mail: olivia@aboutevents.com.pt

A journalist by profession accustomed to working with images and communication, Olívia has come to stop the world of events in its tracks with her innate taste to plan, organize, and develop any project.

Specific training: Wedding Planner, São Paulo 2012.

Perfectionism is her biggest flaw, or the most valuable, depending on your point of view. Passions? Communicating, in any way whatsoever and innovating. The result? Successful events.

Sofia Alves
Wedding planner and Creative

Mobile: +351 93 358 28 08

E-mail: sofia@aboutevents.com.pt

A designer by profession with great natural ability, Sofia has come to stop the world of events in its tracks with her passion for everything beautiful. Taking an environment that isn’t working and transforming it to meet what the client has envisioned is what moves her everyday.

Emotionalism is her motor and is one of the things that has transformed her into the excellent professional she is. What more can she accomplish? The simple smile of a bride.