About Portugal

A hidden pearl on the edge of the Atlantic, Portugal is the ideal location to hold any type of event. The hospitality of the people, the climate, and the gastronomy are among the best in the world.

The capital, Lisbon, what can we say? A genuine wonder. From the narrow streets of Alfama to the brilliant avenue of Liberdade, there is an extensive wealth of discoveries to make in Lisbon. Continuing by rail to Cascais, where the sea is an indescribable shade of blue, you will find real palaces along the edge of the water and villas that captivate you just by their natural beauty.

But it’s in Sintra where the magic occurs…it’s here that time stops. Like you stepped into a fairy tale, you are transported into the past where palaces and castles belonging to former nobility peek through the mountains.

And this is just a small part of our country. After leaving Lisbon, wonders continue and discovery is a constant. The Palace of Buçaco, the palaces of Coimbra, Gerês, our beloved Alentejo and the marvelous Algarve, are just a few examples of the delights that you can find in our small corner of Europe.

Are you a foreigner and interested in getting married in Portugal? Why not combine this desire with some delightful mini vacations in our country where the sun is always a gift? With the help of our team of Wedding Planners at About Events, anything is possible. From venue selection for your party to the organization of trips to lodging for all of your guests, everyone is treated with the greatest rigor and professionalism.

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